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Membership Benefits

The Akron AGC offers many benefits to its members. While we have too many benefits to list here, please take a moment and review some of the programs we offer to our members. We are sure you will see that the Akron AGC is the leading trade association in our industry.

  • Meetings: Active members have the right to hold an officers position, sit on a number of committees and vote at all regular membership meetings. More information concerning our active members is available in our by-laws.

  • Education and Training: Throughout the year we offer a variety of safety and educational classes that cover a variety of topics ranging from construction claims to on-the-job safety.

  • Government Affairs: Akron AGC represents the interests of our members nationally, locally, and on a state level.

  • Information: The AGC keeps its members up to date on industry related topics. The AGC has monthly membership meetings to keep our members informed of current events that effect contractors.

  • Industry Forum: The AGC represents its members on all levels including the Tri-County Building trades, local building officials, and the various municipalities where our members work.

  • Union Representation: The AGC represents the Carpenters Union, and Akron Laborers #894.

  • Labor Relations: The AGC represents its members in contract negotiations and administration with the Carpenters and Laborers. Representation is not limited to just negotiations but also occurrences that can arise on a daily basis. The AGC and the local unions are actively engaged in maintaining a productive working relationship to better our industry.

  • Local Recognition: Many governmental bodies and organizations recognize the AGC as the policy leader for our industry.

  • Safety: The AGC provides its members with information on OSHA changes, and also has an extensive library with safety videos and pamphlets for training. The AGC is beginning to offer many classes that will allow our members to operate safer job sites. The AGC offers discounted pricing on all safety equipment purchases.
  • Networking Events: The Akron AGC has networking events throughout the year to help our members become better acquainted with each other. We invite many building officials and local politicians as guests to our networking events. This allows our members to meet and greet the community officials that effect our local construction industry.

  • Technology: The AGC currently operates all members and business meetings utilizing iPads. The AGC is an industry leader in iPad training and we take pride in being a paperless association.

  • AGC of Ohio and National Dues: Members of the AGC can get their state and national AGC dues paid annually.

  • Build Ohio: The Akron AGC supports the Build Ohio awards program every year. This awards program allows our local contractors to get statewide recognition on projects they have built over the year.

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